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aftershokz opencomm open-ear bone conduction headset

The Aftershokz OpenComm is the first open-ear bone conduction Bluetooth headset designed for comfortable, effective and continuous all-day long communication.

It comes with a DSP noise-cancelling boom mic to help make yourself heard clearly in a noisy work environment and the open-ear technology means that you are in touch with your surroundings - the perfect solution for daily work communications.  It also features a rapid 5 minute quick charge which gives you an additional 2-hours talk time.&bnbsp; This is a great solution for remote workers who do not want to mix the sounds of family life during online work communications and meetings.

Details for Aftershokz OpenComm Black

Aftershokz OpenComm Black

16 hours talk time, rapid-charge feature, NFC pairing and full situational awareness thanks to open-ear bone conduction technology.

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Details for Aftershokz OpenComm Light Grey

Aftershokz OpenComm Light Grey

An open-ear Bluetooth headset with dual DSP noise-cancelling boom microphone to help make yourself heard clearly in a noisy work environment.

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