Shokz OpenSwim

shokz openswim open-ear bone conduction swimming headphones
Details for Shokz OpenSwim Black

Shokz OpenSwim Black

Suitable for open sea and pool swimming it is compatible with swim caps, goggles and earplugs.

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About the Shokz OpenSwim

OpenSwim are Shokz's (previously Aftershokz) top-line MP3 bone conduction waterproof headphones designed for swimmers and athletes who prefer to train phone-free.

Completely waterproof to IP68 standard, these headphones make it safe to enjoy music, audiobooks and podcasts whether in the open sea or swimming pool.   Shokz OpenSwim are best for swimmers, surfers and windsurfers.

As the OpenSwim are open-ear headphones you can still use proper ear-plugs to help protect against ear infections and "swimmers's ear".