Satmap Snow Trail Map (SwissTopo, SSP)

Satmap Snow Trail Map (SwissTopo, SSP)

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Winter resorts throughout Switzerland now offer hundreds of snow sports trails offering visitors a very natural and healthy experience of the winter landscape. Satmap has partnered with Swiss Sports Publishing to produce a digital map of Switzerland highlighting some of these snow trails and other useful data in the Swiss mountains, suitable for snowshoeing and other winter sports, for beginners to advanced users. This map includes a complete topographical Swisstopo map of Switzerland at 1:50,000 (which can be viewed on its own for summer sports), as well as an overlay of selected snowshoe trails and other useful route data provided by Swiss Sports Publishing (for winter sports). It is possible to “toggle" between one layer of mapping and the next (i.e. showing the snow trail data or not).
The overlay information includes:

Over 10,850 km of snowshoe routes (31 maps x 250km per map)
Snowshoe trails graded by level of difficulty (blue for beginner or red for Alpine/advanced)
Shaded areas to show slopes greater than 30 degree angles
Protected areas to respect (areas of natural importance)
Clearly marked areas of “No entry"
Alpine hut and gondola lifts locations

A map key for the above trail data is included digitally on the SD card and as a paper insert in the box, both in English and in German.