About us

mySatNav started back in 2005, following the purchase of a Navman ICN 630 sat-nav for a family holiday to France by our founder John. It was one of the very first consumer GPS satellite navigation and while it was verging on useless, the technology it was using and the problem it was trying to solve was and still is a game changer.

On return from his holiday, John established mySatNav.  Our route to market was online and his background in IT meant we had a head start to become the first company in Ireland to specialise in the sale of top quality GPS Satellite Navigation systems for the mobile user exclusively through an online channel to Irish consumers.

Our products come from the leading manufacturers - Garmin, TomTom, Satmap, Route-66, Golf-Buddy and Cardo - GPS systems and accessories we believe are the most suitable for use in Ireland.

At our name suggests, the first years were all about automotive GPS systems for cars, motorcycles, trucks and campers.  As digital mapping improved in Ireland year-on-year, sat-navs became the must-have item.  During this time we also established ourselves as leading suppliers of GPS handhelds for hiking, mountaineering as well as marine.

The advances in GPS technology over the last 18 years has been amazing.  GPS on its own has opened the door to a huge range of applications and devices that has benefitted nearly everyone.  Applications that once operated on large, clunky devices have shrunk to fit on your wrist.

For us, our core expertise is still the same as is our name.  However, we now offer a much broader and more sophisticated portfolio of products that not only cover the automotive side of GPS but also wearables, sports and fitness, wellness and outdoor recreation.

Where We Are

We are based in Dun Loaghaire, Co. Dublin.  We do not have a high street outlet preferring to conduct all our business online.  This has meant we are able to keep our operational costs as low as possible to give our customers the best value in Ireland.   We are confident that our prices are the lowest in Ireland from an Irish retailer.

We are very contactable - whether it is pre-sales advice or post-sales support.  You can call us on 01 293 6987 or send an email to enquiries@mysatnav.ie.

We place real importance on customer service and are authentic, honest and transparent with our customers.  We won't sell you something we don't think you need.  If we do sell you something and it stops working (within warranty!) we will get it fixed, replaced or refund you, no quibbles, no excuses.