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aftershokz areopex open-ear bone conduction headphones

Aftershokz are the leaders in open-ear sports headphones using patented bone conduction technology.  This means that the headphones sit beside your ears rather than over them.   Sound travels as micro-vibrations through bone to your inner ears rather than as sound waves through your eardrums.  This is a completely natural phenomenon, for example, the sound your hear when you eat a biscuit is created by vibrations travelling through your facial bones to your inner ears.

A significant advantage of bone conduction technology is that the headphones from Aftershokz bring safety benefits over traditional closed ear headphones.  The inability to hear your surroundings can be hazardous for pedestrians, cyclists and runners.   Music often is a great way for atheletes to help focus and boost performance and Aftershokz headphones provide excellent audio quality whilst also letting you know what is going on around you.

Aeropex are the flagship Bluetooth bone conduction headphones from Aftershoz.  These are perfect for sports enthusiasts and anyone seeking supreme outdoor performance and sound.  The Aeropex is the perfect companion for runners, cyclists, gym goers, skiers and snowboarders.

Aftershokz Outdoor Sports

Details for AEROPEX Solar Red

Aftershokz AEROPEX Solar Red

Bluetooth enabled, open-ear headphones that are fully compatible with Garmin running and mutlisport GPS Smartwatches.

€143.00   (RRP €170.00)       Save €27     in stock 10+  In Stock 
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Details for AEROPEX Lunar Grey

Aftershokz AEROPEX Lunar Grey

Wide dynamic stereo sound, water resistant to IP67, sweat resistant lightweight headphones with up to 8 hours battery life.

€143.00   (RRP €170.00)       Save €27     in stock 10+  In Stock 
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Details for AEROPEX Cosmic Black

Aftershokz AEROPEX Cosmic Black

Total situational awareness when running, cycling or walking.

€143.00   (RRP €170.00)       Save €27     Due In Stock, 7-15 days 
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Details for AEROPEX Blue Eclipse

Aftershokz AEROPEX Blue Eclipse

Lightweight titanium frame that will stay in place during any workout. With up to 8 hours of battery life, enjoy music, calls, audiobooks and podcasts all day long.

€143.00   (RRP €170.00)       Save €27     in stock 10+  In Stock 
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