shokz openmove open-ear bone conduction headphones

Shokz OpenMove are open-ear bone conduction Bluetooth headphones designed for daily-listening and multi-use functionality.

The lightweight Shokz OpenMove is a 'one size fits all' best-in-class entry level headphone for commuters, hikers, hillwalkers, around the house or at work.  It offers up to 6 hours of music and calls and because of the open-ear technology, you are kept fully aware of your surroundings.

Details for Shokz OpenMove Alpine White

Shokz OpenMove Alpine White

Best-in-class entry-level bone conduction headphones.

In Stock
Details for Shokz OpenMove Elevation Blue

Shokz OpenMove Elevation Blue

Open-ear headphones allow the sound of traffic and music to be heard and the same time so you are aware and safe.

Due In 5-7 days
Details for Shokz OpenMove Himalayan Pink

Shokz OpenMove Himalayan Pink

Lightweight, only 29g, open-ear Bluetooth headphones with up to 6 hours of music and calls with patented technology that delivers superior dynamics stereo sound.

Due In 7-15 days
Details for Shokz OpenMove Slate Grey

Shokz OpenMove Slate Grey

Up to 6 hour battery life, 10-day standby time.

Due In 7-15 days