Garmin Circular 4 Pin Bare Wire Power/Data Cable

Garmin Circular 4 Pin Bare Wire Power/Data Cable

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Suitable for GPS 60 and GPS 70 series handhelds.

This power and data cable has bare wires at one end and a moulded Garmin circular 4-pin plug at the other so that you can hard wire your GPS directly to a DC power source.  The four color-coded bare wires are: 1.power, 2.ground (for both power and signal), out, and in.  This allows you to send speed and position data to devices such as a chartplotter, computer, auto pilot, radar, etc.

This power cable works with;
GPS 60, 72, 76
GPSMAP 60, 60Cx, 60CSx
GPSMAP 76, 76S, 76Cx, 76CSx

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