Garmin Edge 540 | 840

GPS Cycle Computers with advanced performance tracking to help you improve every day.

Button controlled bike computer with 2.6" display, multi-band dual-frequency GNSS support and battery life up to 32 hours.

Details for Edge 540

Edge 540

RRP €400.00
Due In 3-4 days
Details for Edge 540 Bundle

Edge 540 Bundle

RRP €500.00
Due In 5-7 days
Details for Edge 540 Solar

Edge 540 Solar

RRP €450.00
In Stock

2.6" touchscreen display and additional memory for extra preloaded mapping.

Details for Edge 840

Edge 840

RRP €500.00
Due In 3-4 days
Details for Edge 840 Bundle

Edge 840 Bundle

RRP €600.00
In Stock
Details for Edge 840 Solar

Edge 840 Solar

RRP €600.00
In Stock


What are the key features of the Garmin Edge 540 | 840 Series?

In summary a great display, great positional accuracy, excellent battery life with advanced training metrics. This is a significant upgrade on previous x30 series and some of the key new features include:

  • Extended battery life; up to 26 hours of battery life in intense mode and 42 hours using battery saver mode.
  • Multiband GNSS support - GPS, Galileo and GLONASS - with dual frequency providing enhanced positional accuracy.
  • ClimbPro Ascent Planner; see remaining ascent and grade when climbing without the need for a route or course to be loaded
  • Training Status 2.0, Real-Time Stamina, Power Guide, Climb Explorer, Connect IQ Store options.
  • Revised user interface with faster processing times, route calculations etc. improved Bluetooth connectivity.
  • USB-C charging cable.
  • Smart trainer compatibility.

What are the main differences between the Edge 840 and Edge 540?

The price difference between the standard versions of the two Edges is approx. €100. The extra cost for the Edge 840 gets you the following:-

  • A responsive 2.6" touchscreen display, with a full set of buttons as the Edge 540 - the new user interface better suits touchscreen.
  • 32 GB memory versus 16 GB on Edge 540.
  • Preloaded with both Europe and US cycling mapping; the 540 only comes preloaded with Europe - other regions can be downloaded for free.
  • Trailforks is preloaded and activated, not so on the Edge 540.
  • You can search by street address or via GPS coordinates, not so on the Edge 540.
  • You can build workouts on the device, with the Edge 540 you cannot and need to use an app.

It is worth getting the Garmin Edge Solar version?

No, probably not. Weather in Ireland just does not lend itself much to keeping your Edge charged unless you only cycle on sunny days. The amount of charge you get from the solar lens is miniscule, yes you might get a few additional minutes on your ride but a 5 minute charge at home will give you more than a whole day out solar charging on your bike - there are better ways to spend €100.

Which Garmin Edge is the best?

The pick of the bunch is either the Edge 840 or bundle version over the Edge 540. The reason is that the new user interface better suits touchscreen but you also have the backup of full button control when you need it. The are also other benefits such as extra memory on the 840 which means more mapping already preloaded including Trailforks. The Solar version does not make alot of sense in Ireland, so if you are thinking of the Edge 540 Solar, go for the Edge 840 instead - it has alot more to offer.

How long does delivery take once I have placed my order?

For in stock items, delivery is normally within 1-2 working days. We only ship within the Republic of Ireland and use either DPD or An Post. To avoid delays it is important to include your Eircode with the delivery address. If your Edge is not in stock the date it is due into us is displayed at time of purchase. We get daily updates from Garmin and thus delivery ETAs (estimated time of arrival) do change. There have been impacts since Brexit and unfortunately delays that are beyond our control do occur. That being said, once stock lands into us it is shipped as quickly as possible.

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