Garmin Forerunner 965

Premium GPS running and triathlon smartwatch with advanced training features and a bright 1.4" AMOLED touchscreen display with 454 x 454 pixel resolution, 47 mm case size with Titanium bezel battery life of up to 23 days in smartwatch mode and up to 31 hours in GPS-Only mode.

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Forerunner 965

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Forerunner 965
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Forerunner 965

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What are the key features of the Garmin Forerunner 965?

In summary a great display, industry leading GPS accuracy, excellent battery life and heart rate accuracy with advanced training metrics and recovery insights.

  • Bright, beautiful AMOLED touchscreen 1.4" display; high resolution, 454 x 454 pixels, the color and detail means the display is easily readable in sunshine.
  • Battery life: up to 23 days in smartwatch mode, up to 31 hours in GPS mode.
  • Multi-band GNSS with SatIQ technology provides superior class-leading accuracy while also optimising battery life.
  • Comprehensive free downable topographic mapping options with improved detail at higher zoom levels due to AMOLED display.
  • Native Running Dynamics without the need for additional sensors.
  • Standard USB-C charging cable with proprietary watch port.
  • Training Readiness Score - this is part of the Morning Report feature and is based on the quality of your sleep, training recovery time, training load and other stats to give you an indicator of how far you can push yourself during the day.
  • Race widget which allows you plan your training strategy with personalised daily workouts and training readiness.

Should I go for the Forerunner 965 or Forerunner 265?

The price difference between the two watches is approx. €140. The extra cost for the Forerunner 965 gets you the following:-

  • 1.4" AMOLED display(47 mm case size) versus 1.3" (46 mm case size) on the Forerunner 265.
  • Extra battery life; smartwatch mode up to 23 days, GPS-only mode up to 31 hours versus 13 days and 20 hours for Forerunner 265.
  • 32 GB memory versus 8 GB on Forerunner 265.
  • A great choice of navigable mapping/routing options including the Next Fork feature, the Forerunner 265 has no maps.
  • A full featured golf smartwatch, the Foreunner 265 does not support golf.
  • Supports Garmin Cycling Dynamics, a valuable feature for serious cyclists and triatheletes. Not available om the Forerunner 265.
  • Advanced taining metrics not available on the Forerunner 265; ClimbPro, Real-time Stamina, FTP (Functional Threshold Power) autodetection, Training Load ratio and Chronic Load.

What mapping is available on the Forerunner 965?

The Forerunner 965 comes with navigable topographic and terrain maps for most regions on earth that are free to download. These maps include cities, road networks, points of interest, trails and contour data. The watch is preloaded with TopoActive Europe maps and other maps can be easily added using the Map Manager feature. TopoActive maps are available for North America, South America, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, North Africa, Middle East, Asia and China. If adding or changing maps on the watch it is always best to do this using Garmin Express on a PC/MAC connected to your watch via USB rather than via WiFi as some of the maps are substantial.

How long does delivery take once I have placed my order?

If your Forerunner 965 smartwatch is in stock, delivery is normally within 1-2 working days. We only ship within the Republic of Ireland and use either DPD or An Post. To avoid delays it is important to include your Eircode with the delivery address. If your Forerunner 965 watch is not in stock the date the watch is due into us is displayed at time of purchase. We get daily updates from Garmin and delivery ETAs (estimated time of arrival) do change. All Garmin stock originates from the UK - Brexit has meant more red tape so delays occur that are beyond our control. That being said, once stock lands into us it is shipped as quickly as possible.

Do Shokz headphones work with the Forerunner 965?

Yes and for safety reasons we do recommend open-ear bone conduction headphones. These are available to purchase from here, Shokz headphones.

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