Garmin Portable Beanbag Friction Mount

Garmin Portable Beanbag Friction Mount

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Portable mount suitable for all Garmin in-car GPS systems.

Portable friction mount - beanbag style.

Probably the best accessory that Garmin has ever produced for sat-nav systems, this beanbag-style portable friction mount has been around for years, a testament to its popularity, because it does its job brilliantly.

Compatible with all nüvi series, this is by far and away the best overall mounting solution as it completely portable, robust and reliable and deters any would-be thief as it does not leave any indication that the vehicle has a GPS system when the car is unattended. It sits on any dashboard, irrespective of slope and when you are not using it, simply throw it under the car seat.

We cannot recommend it highly enough.

For safety reasons, certain US states do not permit the mounting of sat-navs on windscreens using suction cups. Using a dashboard mount is permitted and this is the perfect solution as it leaves no marks (great if you are hiring a car).

An alternative to the beanbag style is a slimline model which you can see here,

Garmin Portable Friction Mount - Slimline