garmin truck sat nav

The Garmin dezl range, available with either an 7" or 5" display, is designed specifically to make a trucker's life easier. If available in your area, once you have entered your vehicle's profile (height, weight, length, width amd hazardous materials), the dezl will route you according to your vehicle details and your load.

The Garmin dezl range has always been a very popular trucking sat nav and one of our best sellers.  The new dezl LGV range come with Eircode as does the dezl 580 LMT-D.  We have no hesitation recommending them as one of the best truck sat nav out there.   We offer some excellent deals and some of the cheapest prices.

If you are considering truck sat-nav devices as part of your fleet management solution you can find out further details here, fleet management. We supply a range of options specifically designed for trucks that include Enterprise versions with litetime maps, extended 3 year warranties and digital traffic.

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Details for Garmin dēzl LGV800

Garmin dēzl LGV800

8-inch navigator with custom truck routing for the size and weight of your vehicle. Ireland, UK and Europe mapping with free updates.

Save €76
Only 1 In Stock
Details for Garmin dēzl LGV1000

Garmin dēzl LGV1000

10-inch crisp, touchscreen, easy-to-read navigator. Ireland, UK and Europe mapping with free updates.

Save €89
Due In 7-15 days
Details for Garmin dēzl LGV700

Garmin dēzl LGV700

7-inch truck navigator that is easy to use and even easier to see. Ireland, UK and Europe mapping with free updates.

Save €70
Only 1-5 In Stock
Details for Garmin dēzl 580 LMT-D

Garmin dēzl 580 LMT-D

5-inch truck sat nav with maps of Europe, free lifetime map updates with customised truck routing.

Save €20
Due In 15-30 days